More of what you need most.

To achieve the best results, it pays to be a student of this rapidly evolving industry. And be deeply committed to understanding not only what is changing—but also how it directly affects your finances, and your future. So we choose to take our expertise to the next level:

  • More than a CPA, we are an IRS Enrolled Agent licensed throughout the United States.
  • More than an investment advisor bound by a short list of required recommendations, we offer a vast array of investment opportunities, including those that are non-correlated to the stock market. These are effective income and capital appreciation opportunities that you may never find on your own, much less know how to access.

Now, your total financial success is our job. So you can spend more time doing yours.

The advantage of Active Management

With all you have to do today, it’s often hard to think about tomorrow. But that’s exactly what you should do, when it comes to securing your financial future. At Weinbauer Financial Group, we’re dedicated to relieving that burden by actively managing your investment portfolio—so you don’t have to. We’ll listen carefully to your objectives—whether it’s long-term growth, short-term cash flow, stable dividend income—or a blend of all three. And then, think beyond traditional investments (and traditional investment advisors) into a world of opportunities outside of the stock market. Here, it’s just common sense.