Financial planning with common sense.

If you think about, growing your wealth is all about two common-sense ideas: keep more of what you earn—and earn more on what you keep. A smart way to do both at the same time is to combine them into a single financial plan. Taxes and investments, together. That’s just what we do here at Weinbauer Financial Group. And while no one can guarantee success, our common-sense approach can put you on the right path. Making life a little less taxing.

Tax planning is an essential part of your wealth maintenance and growth strategy. The more complex your financial picture, the more you need to think about taxes as a 365-day-a-year challenge—not just a one-time event when you file your annual return. So we’ll continuously assess the tax implications of every financial move you make. So you can make those moves with confidence. 

Diversifying beyond stocks and bonds.

Traditional assets like stocks and bonds are the foundation of many investment portfolios. But there’s a risk: the performance of those asset classes tends to be linked. So when one suffers, they all might. The answer is giving your portfolio a dose of common sense and including investments outside of the traditional stock, bond and money (cash) markets. These alternatives are not correlated to stocks, bonds and other traditional investments.

Non-traditional investments can also be advantageous for some organizations that have certain, very specific investment requirements. If you’re among them, contact us for an in-depth discussion of those needs.